Poorly Seth & Opeie & a tired poorly Moma, Juicers and Dehydrators

Since cutting out dairy , eggs , soya , going from veggie to vegan my health has improved no end. I'm lucky to say * touch wood * that Opeie's only been poorly and few times since he was born . I'm not sure if that's to do with breast milk or luck , but I'm grateful either way !

This week Seth caught a cough cold bug and generously dished it around Opeie and I , Opeie has been very unhappy , and because he's been refusing to eat / fever / crying / awake all night wanting a milk feast I've been exhausted ! So much so that I had to cancel my course I've been doing for my career development, which I was looking forward to & also the immense snows not helped !

It's been cold, snowy and windy all week , and making me crave crave crave junk food ! Which .... I've been able to keep a hold of, only having a couple of Opeie's crisps last night when I could have eaten about 4 packets ! I've been on a more raw food focused diet these last few days, and have been really focusing on my oil intake too ( omega oils ) and I'm starting to feel less sluggish ! Having had some time to sit ( all night long and google most nights whist feeding opeie ) I've uncovered some interesting articles about raw foods , vegan-ism , wholefoods , and dehydrating instead of cooking - oh and juicing for immunity / general health . ( I've actually just purchased a juicer whilst sitting here ( for 2:25hrs with Opeie asleep on my lap ) from Amazon. So I'll let you know how that shapes up . )

I'm unmmmmmming and arring about buying a dehydrator ?! They seem expensive (£200+) And, you don't seem to be able to get much in them ? Or is that the Internet making things look tiny?

I'm not sure if it'd be a fad purchase? Anyone know much about them or love theirs ?

I'm also contemplating buying a special thermometer that can go inside our range cooker so I can use that to raw cook food under 40 degrees and keep all the goodness & enzymes intact .

When Opeie , Seth or Pauly and I are poorly under the weather I try and dose us up with lots of citrus, mango, grapes and apples. I'm looking forward to getting the juicing as I've been reading how grapes are brilliant for shifting colds . Interesting !It'll also hopefully be good for Opeie, as he's refusing solid foods whilst poorly, and hasn't eaten much at all in 5 days, just alittle bit of Hummus, raisins, and


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