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Yesterday I was on the nut run - a.k.a going to Holland & Barrett for 2KG of peanut butter , pecans , almonds, pines, and loads of different seeds .

Whilst I was there the lovely lady and I got chatting about me being vegan minus soy ( I miss soya :(  a lot !) and we talked about Almond milk . I had made my own that morning do I mentioned it and she said how she wanted to make some also , so this is for you Holland & Barrett lady. 

Soak 100g almonds over night and then peel the following day, of if you don't mind the skins leave it on . ( Pauly peeled ours while I was at work , he's a keeper!)

Measure 1.5 lts water and add to blender , I preferred filtering my water first through my Bobble filter  as ours tastes vile. 

To the water add 2-3 table spoons agave, and 2 tablespoons co yo yoghurt if you'd like pro-biotic qualities . 

Add half the nuts (50g) and whizz until its all blended together . 

It's so much richer than Alpro or Blue diamond . We store ours in a air tight glass bottle from Ikea or Wholefoods. 

It keeps for 2-3 days in the fridge. 


  1. Do you strain the nut bits out afterwards with a nut milk bag? We use a Soyabella (soy milk machine that also makes nut milks) almost every day - home made is the way to go!

  2. Hi, No we don't strain it in our nut milk bag, we just whizz it all in our blender.

    I think I've seen those Soyabella machines? Does it ferment it or am i thinking of something else?

    Do you have a blog? xxxx

  3. High thanks for that , will try it ! It looks very rich . Love Amanda .

  4. No it doesn't ferment - just blends the nuts & water and does the job of a nut bag in one. We use ours everyday! Have you tried making with brown rice syrup? It's yum :)

    1. No I've not, I'm not that much of a brown rice fan, but will give it a go :)

      Have you been vegan long ? When I had to change my diet in the space of a day I hated it with a passion , now it's the best thing I've eve done :)

    2. I've been vegan for about 5 years, found it a little bit tough at first but yeah now it's easy and wonderful - especially as I am lucky enough to have lots of vegan friends so big support network :)

    3. That's really interesting - 5 yrs :-) I don't know anyone else vegan ( especially minus soy and gluten ) so I'm Abit on my own ! Ha!

      I was thinking about going to a vegan food festival but I think most places use soya ?!

      Any blogs you can recommend ?

    4. I'm vegan minus gluten. Not eating gluten means I can't have most 'fake meat' products, I guess the only soya I eat is the occasional bit of tofu. I make a mean vegan gluten & soya free 'mac n cheese'.
      Vegan festivals are great, although I'd recommend a bigger one like Vegfest in Brighton rather than the Wolverhapton one as it's likely to have more suitable stuff.

    5. That's interesting that your also gluten free . How long have you been gluten free ?

      You should write a blog so you can share the Mac & cheese , I love cheese - miss it so much , but I never want to feel ill again so it's worth it.

      I've been making amazing raw food lately. Divine!

    6. Not long really - a couple of months. All going well so far! I had a PE whilst pregnant just over a year ago and since I've been trying to get healthier. I was a bit of a junk food vegan before then.
      I'm really into raw food too, have an Excalibur dehydrator and have been experimenting with making kale chips and raw puddings.

    7. That's cool .

      Yes I know of a few people that rave about those dehydrators , I got a cheap one due to bring unsure about them , I might up grade one day when our weddings out of the way :)

      I really have a whole list of stuff I'd like for food prep !

      I'm more so into trying to find high / super food meals and protein meals as I'm constantly on the go with little sleep .

    8. When are you getting married? i got married a month ago. will you be having all vegan wedding food? we did it was really nice.

  5. The mac n cheese is a modified version of this -

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