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Fudge Brownie Banana Brazil Nut Bites:

Quick recipe for you all , I'd been craving something Brownie-ish and thought of this : 

4 overly ripe bananas
7 tablespoons of Coconut Butter melted
4 table spoons raw Cacao
12 Brazil nuts
2/3 cup of raisins
1/4 cup agave

Put everything in a food processor appart from raisins and Brazil's . Blitz until smooth, add Brazil's and chop up into small chunks, then stir in raisins . 

( coconut butter is not the same as Covonut oil, Coconut butter is the coconut meat ground down until its liquid, coconut oil - the meat of the coconut is pressed to make oil) you could use coconut oil however it just won't taste as rich ....)

Transfer to a mould tray and put in the freezer for 12 hours - 24 hours ( depending on the temperature ) they freeze and are easy to handle, but melt as you bite them ! 


  1. That's a great recipe EcoMom !!!!! Can you recommend a good food processor ? Maria x

  2. These looks divine! You're so clever, I'm going to run home and make some.

  3. hello! i wanted to ask you please if i could replace coconut oil and coconut butter with any other kind of dairy free butter or any kind of oil, because i simply can't stand coconut and there seem to be used in a lot of vegan recipes :/

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