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Whilst out and about with Pauly, Opeie and my parents we popped to Betws y Coed last weekend, whilst we were there I noticed that they had a Eco, Vegan,  Palm-Oil Free restaurant called The Alpine Coffee Shop  which promotes the importance of real, healthy food whilst protecting Orangutangs in the rainforest.  ( You can like their Facebook Page here )

We sat outside under their huge gazebo next to a water feature,  with raw vegan chocolate called 'Franks', Vegan Flapjacks, Tyrells crisps and fermented Cola, we were hoping to stay for tea, but my parents had to get home to pick up their pet pooch from the dog sitters.

The Alpine Cafe was delightful though, it was clean, smelt great, the staff were very helpful when I explained my allergy to Soya, and the decor was lovely too. I thought it was great how they had Orangutang paintings throughout the Cafe, along with information on the tables, and I definitely learnt something! 

Scattered around inside was a row of cake towers with lots of different store baked vegan cakes, flapjacks, biscuits, cookies, and other yummy treats! 

It was a beautiful place to sit and watch the world go by, whilst enjoying a delightful snack or a gorgeous meal-judging by their Facebook page photos!


  1. Oh how funny, I have been to Betws y Coed so many times over the years! My Dad was Welsh and comes from Bangor. I still have a lot of family who live in Bangor! Out of interest, how did you find my blog? So glad to check your blog out as I am sure that you are going to give me loads of great ideas! P.S. My maiden name is Owen!!! :-)

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