GRAZE.COM | GOODY BOX For Children Review

 Finally... a Healthy, Fun snack for kids!

I just wanted to share the boys new love for the's Goodybox for Kids! Seth and Opeie absolutely love it when they drop through the letter box! They are so good due to introducing the boys to things we don't tend to buy like different types of salsas, chutneys, dried mango and lots of lovely other bits. 

Seth for example, always says he 'doesn't like' dried Coconut, but because of the fun packaging and quirky game inside he didn't even question what was in it, just munched it all down.

Opeie also loved the things he had, the dried fruit, cherries, pineapple and mango especially.

If you're travelling alot, out for the day or just want to give your children more interesting snacks, which are healthy , hip and fun, which they'll love, try them! You can pick pick how often they arrive weather it's daily, weekly , monthly etc, and which things you'd like and which items you would like to try, or don't want at all.

I want to try the adult ones, more of the children's ones for the boys, and the breakfast boxes!

Thanks Graze.Com for being so helpful- the boys love them , and as a Moma, I can pick which things I am happy for them to have lots of a little of.

( Some of the snacks have dairy/eggs etc in but the great thing is, you can opt out of them! Happy Days! )

---- I ordered and purchased the Graze boxes from Graze.Com for my children to enjoy, I haven't been paid etc , I just love sharing my favorite things with you! ---


  1. Shame they don't do an organic one :(

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