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Things I have learnt this week:

How to brush my hair properly- yes that sounds crazy, but It's true.....

Check out this video on Morroco Methods YouTube Channel.

I have the Mason Pearson Boar Brush in Extra Large, I've had it for years but never really known how to use it. Odd!

Humane harvesting - 
That Mason Pearson cut the boat hair humanily - I had mine about 4 yrs ago as a birthday present from my then boyfriend ( now fiancée , soon to be husband - yes I love saying that being a bride to be !) and might not have bought one myself knowing it was boar hair, but I feel alot better about it now I know it's humanily harvested- I might see if I can opt for a vegan version somewhere down the line , I could never be wasteful and throw anything away- Aldo it's the best hair brush once you know how to use it!

That Burts Bees products are mostly Vegan despite having the word Bee in the company brand name : interested in finding out more ? They have a list on their website . 

That there are new Products being launched everywhere , I've found a good priced blender that does the job I want , organic raw cosmetic companies which are vegan , more on this very very soon !

That you are never too old for a Bear Fruit Roll up when on a 15 minute work break . 

That Morrisons do a healthy dried vegetable quinoa vegan soup  that's perfect for any cold day ,  79p for a 4 count box isn't bad when they're just over 11g of protein per serving . I've got my bosses & colleagues hooked on them , even if it means I have to clear the shelf during a shopping trip for these beauty's ! 

That Dr Bronners vegan pure Castile soap has become a real addiction for me, and at £3.99 its better than some addictions I could name .... 

That conkers are everywhere if you look closely ; autumn is here which means I need to rethink my skin & hair care ! Any recommendations? 

What have you been discovering this week ? 


  1. I'm discovering Co-yo yoghurt thanks to your blog !

    What are the blenders your talking about ?

    1. It's an OmniBlend , I've featured it in my blog posts since this blog post xx

  2. I'd be interested to hear about good blenders -

    I didn't realize burts bees was vegan?! Y'all suprise me every time x

  3. Vegan in West Haven16 October 2013 at 01:12

    I'm discovering your blog - thanks for writing so openly and honestly about the products you love !

    I love earth balance coconut butter at the moment - on toast , jackets, in cookies!

  4. I'm discovering that I like vegan chocolate, especially Moo Free! Who'd have known it was so delicious!?

  5. I love dr Bronners too :)

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