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Hey guys! How've you been doing ? Are you all ready for the Christmas holidays ? I'm nowhere near ready, unless you count writing a baking ingredient shopping list counts?! 

I thought I'd share part of our Ethos experience with you ; 

As I mentioned we'd been really struggling to find somewhere to eat that was vegan friendly but also catered for Soy-free & gluten free for Opeie & I . Tricky ! Well at Ethos we found it . My friendly vegan Orlando based friends had been telling me to go, it is North of the area we were stayed, around 45 minutes away- in America that's not far though ! Where as in England 45 minutes is a distance , you'd pass through 3 or maybe 4 counties in that time. However the drive was cute, through 'real America ' as Pauly and I joked as everything in Orlando is so perfect - the drive was full of little wooden houses in pastel colours with rocking chairs on the porches- how I'd like to live when I'm older . 

Well , the food was completely perfect for us - they had a few soy & gluten free options, if you're just avoiding one of those they have a ton of options, combining the two was tricky though ! 

The staff were super helpful, Kim ( if i remember correctly ) the restaurant  manager was so upbeat and friendly ! We sat and chatted to her for around 20 minutes, as I had a ton of questions to ask her, I was asking her about Ethos and how it came about - she explained that the restaurant owner started a HotDog stand a few streets down that was vegan & it was so popular that it evolved into Ethos! They were the first all vegan restaurant in Orlando and it has the biggest following. 

It was a really lovely place , great value, great atmosphere and lovely location . 

I really wish I'd have been able to pop in a few more times . 

Ill write a separate blog post about the food when I'm able to get to my MacBook , I'm in the car road tripping to help a friend move house and its a long drive, so I felt I should pop in, say hi !!! And let you know if you're lucky enough to be going to Orlando , or in America , take a trip to Ethos , you won't be disappointed ! 


  1. Sarah @ imvegan&eat-ok?!3 December 2013 at 23:55

    That looks delicious ! :-)

  2. That looks a fun place ! Us it a chain or stand alone ? X

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