Packing Flight Toiletries / Make Up for a long haul Flight .

So a few days ago we flew into Orlando, and I had been stressing out about the flight for weeks because last time we flew with the boys , oh my oh my--- it was tough ! Seth ended up next to the pilots deck because he was sick the whole way there and had a temperature ( he's not a great traveller ) thankfully , this time it was SO much better !

Other than the boys being ill, the other thing that was freaking me out was my skin . The skin on my face completely blistered up and my lips cracked , for weeks and weeks after they were flakey dry and painful ! After that experience I decided to stop it happening again and take action ! I've talked about my love for cosmetics a few times, BUT- I've not really talked about my love of skin care. I love looking after myself , not because I'm vain but I think you should respect your body.
I needed to get serious on this flight especially since we're here to work, ( also play and another exciting thing which I'm yet to talk about !) and will be photographed alot while we're here.  I got myself a new make up bag- well, Pauly and I both did thanks to Trunki , we both went for a Gruffalo Chums bag, (they're super cute as we LOVE the Gruffalo anyway being parents who read it constantly to the boys) the fabric is great for flying its made from a material that reminds me of wetsuit fabric , so it's really soft- I'd highly recommend if you want something really unique, fun and practical . ( It also comes with a wrist bag which I'm going to use when we go to the waterparks to keep things safe!

Flight :   So, I decided to keep everything simple- take my make up off on the plane as soon as the belt sign goes off with a really new amazing product which is the e-body Face Cleansing Mitt, you simply run it under warm water while its on your hand , and buff off your make up in slow circular motions. Worked a treat too, apart from mascara - as I didn't want to stain it all black , I left that on.

The other awesome thing I packed was  Pure Rosehip oil by Fushi, this is the best facial oil I've EVER used . Oh my Goodness , it's so nourishing and rich it makes your skin feel amazing! So I applied this 3 or 4 times throughout the flight to stop my skin getting really dry and add back some of the moisture since flying takes it out of your body! Fushi is a great company and I love their whole ethos since its all natural vegan products for living a better cleaner life, I really need to get my hands on some of the green superfoods powder to boost my winter immunity when were home, some of yhe lip balms, stretch mark repair creams, and a few other things. ( also check out their Yoga range , it's pretty sweet! It's a proper lifestyle brand I Love!!!)

I'm pleased to say, my skin is ok, and not blistered from the flight. 

I also drank tons of water ! Not only for my skin, but because Pauly accidentally packed my DVT flight socks in the main flight suitcases and not in my hand luggage!

( I always have tissues, pens, hair bands, deodorant,  lip balm in my make up bag)

I did take some of my Tarte make up I got here last year while in Orlando , but I didn't end up reapplying it as Opeie was getting really tired and we ended up flicking through Virgin Atlantic's personal TV sets jumping from one thing to the next to keep him awake until we landed...

So....keep an eye on the blog for my Vegan trip to Orlando with my boys , Pauly my fiancĂ©e will be also blogging everyday about the stuff we get upto. 

Have a great day, Laura xxxxx


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