New Finds this week. Vegan Gluten Free Soya Free UK

Orgran Gluten Free Farm Animals Rice & Corn pasta.

I love Orgran pasta, this is super cute and Opeie loved it! He's had 3/4 of the box over the last week, he loves searching out the chicken shapes best, he says that the pasta is really tasty. He's become a seasoned gluten-free pasta food critic at the ripe age of 2 years old. He used to love his Bay Tree pasta which was Hallowee'n shaped, but since it contained nasty gluten he (and I ) can't have it, so when I saw the Organ I thought a perfect gluten free vegan pasta replacement! 

Orgran gluten free gravy was one of the things I picked up last week, we tried it 2 times in the week and it wasn't as I expected since I like the ones with gluten in sadly, but Opeie enjoyed it, and was happily dipping his veggies in it, and sucking it off! We mix 2 tbsp of mint sauce into our gravy also, it's abit of a family tradition that came from my Nan, whom was the best cook around! It's the best- try it.

Oh my GOSH!!!!! Amisa Gluten free pizza bases! Oh wow. Since I've not had pizza in the UK for over 3 years it blew me away to be able to have gluten / soya free / vegan pizza bases! These are the most amazing things around, I totally recommend them! They're around £3.99 for two, which seems alittle more than the normal cost of gluten free bases, BUT they are amazing and didn't make me feel bloated or ill- they will be a treat now and again!  You can get them here

My personal favorite pasta is Doves Farm Organic one (below) I've not been able to find it for ages, it seems to have been out of stock everywhere I've tried, but I finally found it online!  It cooks perfectly, and quite fast compared to other corn based pastas. It isn't too heavy either which is unusal for a pasta, gluten free or not.

Opeie was super happy he's had some more Orgran mini Outback biscuits!

Finally I can cook a lasagne for all of us, gluten free and regular in separate pans!

Litterally the juiciest raisins around! If you love them like I do, try these!!! I eat around 1KG of raisins a week, yum!!!

We found these Planil Dairy Free chocolate Snowmen in Holland & Barratt this week! How excited was I ? I was so thrilled to find Opeie some Christmas chocolates! I'm saving these for his Stocking just incase we open them and then can't get anymore! I know he will love them!

And finally, if you can't have gluten and your vegan try these!!!! Opeie calls them "skateboard biscuits" he adores them!!!! They're little 10pence piece sized cookies, that have vegan , soy free , chocolate chips which taste divine!!! Opeie has them with a bowl of fruit, or as a dessert, 5 or 6  in a bowl are a perfect snack for me or Opeie!


  1. Those foodie bits look lovely ! I need to get some of the pizza bases & the pastas - I'm a gluten free Italian at heart !

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