Co - Yo Coconut Dairy / Soya Free VEGAN Probiotic Yoghurt

One of the thing I have fallen in love with this month is, Co - Yo coconut dairy / soya free probiotic yoghurt.

The thing I love most about it is, that, it's SOYA FREE. I'm not anti-soya, but having to give up dairy/ soya and eggs was tough. ( I'll talk more about my reasons for giving these things up at another time)

I find it so hard to find soya free things. Well, thankfully I found this yoghurt and boy do I love it.

I comes in 3 different flavours, plain ( coconut) , mixed berries, and pineapple. The taste of them is coconutty, creamy and sweet. They are really smooth, and luxuriously thick. I'd describe the consistency as a thick fromage frais, or a cream cheese texture. They are really rich and delicious.

One of the other things I love about them, are that they are pro-biotic. Now, I'm no scientist, so I'm not 100% sure if Opeie ( now 22months )  gets pro-biotics from breastmilk, ( maybe someone who knows can post in the comments...) So I've been trying to get him to have some, but since he's never had yoghurt he's reluctant to try, and going through a bit of a tricky / fussy phase at the moment with new foods. So I decided the best way to get probiotics into our baby boy was to make him unaware he's having them. Cue me adding a table spoon of Co - Yo to my blender and then adding 7oz of his almond milk, and whizzing for 30 seconds. Result? It tastes delicious! Even Opeie who is in a fussy phase loved it, and drank every last bit. ( It's alittle like a vanilla / coconut milkshake!)

I've also been using it to make superfood smoothies, which i will write a blog about soon. Since I'm trying to loose the weight I gained when I was ill, and spent the best part of 14 months in and out of hospital and completely bed bound, it's been tough shifting to this diet, and loosing weight, whilst breastfeeding too.

Co - Yo is £3.49 for a 250ml tub, which is more than dairy / alpro yoghurt, but the health benefits, and quality is so worth it. Since it's really rich, and thick you only need a small amount on fruit/ smoothies and in cooking, and 2 tubs lasts me about 10 days between me and Opeie.
( however I could happily sit and eat a whole tub in about 10 minutes! )

I buy mine from my Wholefoods, but you can get it online for Goodness Direct.

Co - Yo yoghurt in my super food smoothie


  1. I totally love this, thanks for posting it , i found it on ocado!

  2. this is so tasty! Thanks for sharing it on Facebook!

  3. Oh wow! Just saw this on Facebook at the weekend, ordered some & oh my goodness ( direct ;0) it is divine !!!!!!!!!!! Well done for recommending this . Jeanette

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