GOODLIFE VEGAN Glamorgan Sausages with leek, onion and cauliflower Review

Goodlife Glamorgan Leek & Cauliflower Sausages, with ratatouille and Vegusto cheese.

Goodlife Glamorgan Leek & Cauliflower Sausage Review : Oh my goodness. It has been SO long since I tried something so so good. ( I've not been paid to say that! Or sent these either. ) Being vegan and mostly soya free , I was reluctant to try these, as they DO contain alittle tiny soya, but luckily they didn't make Opeie ill, as it's such a tiny amount.

They taste almost cheesy, and like they should be really high in calories, when infact they are not. They aren't completely smooth and mushy in texture, they have a nice amount of small chunked veg inside the sausages, and plenty of crispness on the outside.

The sausages from Goodlife are really quick and simple to cook, 30 minutes in the oven and your done. I don't buy that much frozen food, infact I don't buy any, because there is non I actually like, but oh, my, goodness these are something else, and at £2.29 a bargain!

They also make great finger foods for toddlers, and are a great way to incorporate something different into your babies diet. I think they taste just as nice cooled, as they do hot. I am going to try them chopped up in a salad when I'm out and about in a lunchbox. I also think they'd be great in a tortilla wrap if your able to have gluten, or on a ciabatta with spinach, salsa and alittle vegan cheese. Delish!

I bought mine from Tesco and Wholefoods for £2.29 ( for a pack of 6 ), but I believe you can get them from some Asda stores and Sainsbury's. You can also buy them online here. 

Price / Value : 5/5*
Flavor 4.5/5*
Suitable for little mouths 4/5 ( I would suggest them as a finger food for babies 12m + )


  1. They sound lush !!!

  2. Again , you know what tastes good ! These are divine ! Soya free too ! Bought them as I saw them here & oh wow - taste amazing !!!! Thanks to you I have something tasty !

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