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I really love salted creamy butter , and before I had to cut it out of my diet , I didn't really question alternatives all that much . Trying to find a dairy , soya free substitute was always going to be tough, but my main objective was to find something Opeie (now 22 months) loved, as he isn't the biggest eater around , although you'd think it looking at him ! ( he's 2st 5 and 95cm tall !)

The two I've found since becoming vegan without soya, are Biona Organic Sunflower Spread, which costs.
And Pure ( non- organic ) sunflower spread which is £1.50 for 500g ( I buy mine at Asda or Tesco )

On taste and ingredients , I prefer the Biona spread , because it tastes more creamy, it's organic , and it spreads better when it's fresh out of the fridge - however it is quite expensive , if money were no object I'd buy this one . It's nowhere near the country salted full fat variety I grew to love all my life , but it still tastes good .

The Pure sunflower spread still tastes good , but it's a lot firmer and does t spread as nice . It's not organic , who b I'd personally prefer , but for the price it's very good value .

I'm hoping to try some other brands by Suma , which is organic , and some I spotted in Whole Foods Market.

What's your Favourite ?


  1. I love Pure , not tried Biona. Have you tried the organic suma one?


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