trying to enjoy tempeh... what does tempeh taste like?

I've been trying new foods this week as my diet is so limited, and someone who is Vegan at the Wholefoods store I visit recommended this, Tempeh. Which is fermented Soya, and isn't really processed, unlike Tofu.

While I was in the Wholefoods store with Hubby-to-be, I spotted a lady doing a cooking demo with Tofu, so I tried some, and loved it! However, as I can't tollerate Soya very well at all , and neither can Opeie- due to his allergies and tolerances, I thought I'd try Tempheh, as apparently alot of people who are intollerant to Soya, can digest this alot easier.

I got home all enthused and happy about having a bounty of new foods, which I should haul later, and decided the following day to try it.

The tempeh wasn't as nice as the Tofu that the lady had cooked the day before, but it was edible. Tempeh has a very very bland taste, and kind of lumpy texture.

This is the recipe I used :

I think that Tempeh would be better partically cooked and then blitzed in a food processor and made into burgers or patti's or some type of sausages. It needed disguising and seasoning more.

Until next time, I will hunt for a good tempeh recipe. Are you a tempeh fan?


  1. My favorite recipe for tempeh is one I picked up on a sheet like that from wholefoods - it's like a black-bean sauce with shallots, but it's also really nice marinated in bbq sauce in the fridge overnight and then can be used as a kind of 'bacon'.

  2. I've not tried tempeh , as it's soy ! I've not heard of fermented soy, but will read about it

  3. Thanks for writing this post ! It's been interesting reading someone's blog who also does not have soya whilst being vegan !

    Vegan in Somerset x

  4. I prefer eating Tempeh after steaming it or boiling in it vegetable stock for a half hour and letting it marinate for a few hours in whatever seasoning I'm going to use. Tempeh has a bitter aftertaste if I don't prepare this way.

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