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I wanted to make Opeie something as a treat , he doesn't have any biscuits/ snack foods in his diet really , as I try not to buy things that are pre made.

The ingredients I used were:

Allison's Wholemeal Self Raising Flour . 12oz /
Brown sugar 8oz / 1 cup
Pure dairy soya free spread. 1 cup / 8oz
Moo Free chocolate ( about 1/5 of a bar ) / 20g
Pinch of fine rock salt

I mixed the sugar and flour together for a minute in a large bowl.

When the butter is really soft - but not runny , add the it gradually to form a soft dough , I make mine in a freestanding mixer as I'm quite lazy when it comes to baking! 

If the mixture is quite loose & crumbly, add a tablespoon of Pure Spread , to get it to a solid dough consistency .

Chop the Moo Free chocolate into small chunks . Mix into the cookie dough .

Place baking paper on a sheet , and pat dough into small balls , pressing down slightly .

Place in oven on a medium shelf for 15 mins . And enjoy vegan / dairy egg soya free chocolate chip cookies!

The Verdict?  Opeie LOVED them! I wrapped them up individually in cling wrap, and popped them in a old sweetie jar on the side, they lasted for about 3 days.   ( They went slightly soft, because they were home made, but they were lovely all the same! )


  1. That's awesome !

  2. Charlotte Marriott16 February 2013 at 22:21

    Yum yum !!! Where did you get the moo free ?

  3. They're lovely looking! YUM! NOM! GONE!

  4. Carol-Ann ( Texas / Austin USA )27 February 2013 at 01:17

    Man!!!!! They look lush ! Gonna see if I can get that chocolate out here in the US , sure sounds tasty and good! My three daughters can't have milk etc , so I'm sure glad I found this mighty fine chocolate !

  5. Just been googling and stumbled up on this ! Will be baking these for Easter! Thanks !


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