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I'd heard good things about the Method bathroom cleaners, I clean our family bathroom every other day , and I like it to look sparkling clean .

The Ylang Ylang shower / glass / bath spray is my favourite out of the two because it makes everything smell amazing and sparkle so much! ( I've literally never smelt a cleaning product as good as this ) it's amazing !

It is non toxic ( as are all Method cleaning things ) and is cruelty free .

The eucalyptus bathroom spray by Method is good too , it's not as scented as the Ylang Ylang shower spray , but is great for getting through dirt , and blitzing the bathroom , especially good at getting the " bath time crayons " off the tiles my boys like to draw on !

If I had to pick between the two , it'd be the Ylang Ylang every time , guests who've visited our house ask what the scent is because it's just SO good !


  1. O m g

    I bought the ylang one and boy you were right amazing !!!!

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