Method Fresh Air Washing Liquid for clothes review.

You might be wondering, what posesses me to write a review about washing/ laundry powder / liquid?

Well, since becoming involved in the cosmetic industry 2 yrs ago, I know that alot of the chemicals in things affect our skin, however mild or strong depends on the chemical and product. But I know that alot of people suffer with skin allergies / eczema  from laundry cleaner.  The main reason's for this is due to the cleaning chemicals/ bleaching agents / enzymes and foaming agents. 

From their website: "Method's high-powered formula is readily biodegradable, non-toxic in use and is made using 95% natural and renewable ingredients"

Now, I was very skeptical as I am very fussy and like pristine washing having two children, one whom is only 23 months and still in cloth nappies.  So this Eco washing liquid had alot to put up with!
Knowing that our washing machine is 11KG, I decided to give it an extra 2 pumps like the pack suggested, when set the dial to 30'c I wondered if it would be as good as the chemical laiden detergent I am used to... The results?

Everything came out pristine, clean, and smelling like Fresh Air. 

I'm really hoping that they are able to add alittle more fragrance to it though, as I like my washing to smell really good.

For the pack I bought from Big Green Smile, it was £4.79 on offer ( RRP £5.99) for 25 regular washes... You can buy large refills though to refile the pump dispenser, which I am hoping to do, providing it's not too messy. ( I will let you know how this works out! )

I'm going to see how this holds up on the nappies, and more soiled things like muddy clothes. But on the 10 loads I've done using it so far it's come out brilliant! I've been recommending it to people I know who suffer with eczema and my sister has it very bad on her legs, so I am hoping it helps her.

Let me know how you find this, have you tried any other Method Products?


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