Method Touch Wood Almond Polish ECO cruelty free review.

I don't know about you, but when I'm cleaning, I DON'T want to be breathing in toxic, hazardous vapours from sprays, I don't want my children putting their food down on a surface that has had chemicals sprays on it, only for their apples/banana/ sandwich to then soak up those chemicals, and I certainly don't want chemicals in my bathtub for me to run a bath and then soak around in for an hour or so, when I think i've scrubbed them all off....

When I picked this up the other week , I thought , hmmm, I wonder if it smells of almonds ?

Boy does this smell amazing ! It smells like cherry bake wells ! It smells so good even husband - to - be says how good it smells ! ( Normally he takes the mick out of me for things like this , but agrees with me this time ) it is delicious , and I've found myself squirting it inside our old fashioned radiators so when they heat up the smell floods out of them. ... It is divine !

It's also the best polish I've used , makes our Scandinavian solid oak furniture, ikea furniture , doors, radiators , window sills, skirting boards - yes everything sparkle !!! Sparkle !!!! Sparkle !!!

I've been using mine excessively ( because I love the smell so much , but I think the bottle would normally last you around 2 months .

It's a pump spray style bottle , which I love , and your meant to spray it on a cloth , but personally I spray it directly on our tables etc .

It is my favorite product Method do , followed closely by the ylang ylang shower spray , which smells beautiful !

I wish that they did bubble bath that smelt this good , I'd love to smell like almonds !

Have you tried it ? What did you think ? Leave me a comment below ..... or let me know what cleaning products you like!

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  1. thanks for posting this, i will definatly grab some of this!

  2. Tried this be side of this web page - oh my goodness !!!!!!! Tasty !!!!!!!

  3. I tried them because I saw them
    On here, smells like marzipan ! Gorg !

  4. Thanks for posting this, I love it too! Bought it when i saw it on Facebook- devine!

  5. Over worked mommy26 February 2013 at 15:36

    my coffee table always smells amazing because of it, thank you!!!

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