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I think I am addicted to my breakfast routine , I make a protein , detox , super food smoothie every morning .

I recently started using Sunwarrior Raw Warrior Blend  vegan powder which I love !!!! it's Vegan, Organic, Soya free, raw GMO free, Gluten free and has a complete amino-acid profile, whilst also being probiotic.

I used to use Hemp protein, which i hated, It was gross. Really earth-y soiley tasting and gross, but this is more like a dessert type flavour! It costs £44.99 for a 1KG bag which lasts you around 6 weeks for one person.

I know I've mentioned my Smoothie recipe before, here, but I've recently started adding this, I've been using mine about a month or so now, and really love it.

I am also addicted to coconut oil, it tastes good raw, cooked, or spread on sandwiches ( I use it on Opeie's Houmous Avacardo ones!)

So basically, 200mls of unsweetened Almond milk, a scoop of Sunwarrior Raw Warrior Blend powder, a table spoon of Coconut oil, a banana, and a cup of frozen summer fruits and your good to go for a few hours!

What do you usually have for breakfast?


  1. That is my fave protein powder too, but i get it from the USA.

  2. I really love Vega One in berry flavor but we can't get it here :( would love to try the sunwarior one . Will buy it next time I'm shopping in London . X

  3. I bought a sample of this after reading on here , oh wow it's great ! Expensive but great !!!!

  4. smells like playdoe and best taste ever where can I buy it in London don't need to eat ever again

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