Our week - juicing , birthdays , TGI Fridays Vegan and 2 years ofbreast feeding !

What a week !!!!!!

Our youngest Opeie turned 2 years old this week ...... He's such a lovely little fellow and so caring! He had a lovely birthday & we got to celebrate 2 years of on demand breast feeding .... Which has been really amazing considering the rough start we had .....

We celebrated over 4 days , popping out with our friend to TGI Fridays , Opeie & I had the vegan options , I always have the veggie fajitas , and Opeie has the pizza minus cheese ! We also had the raspberry slushie which was delicious !!!!

The juicer also arrived this week which was brilliant !!!! We've all been loving it! Especially the littler members of the family ! We've got through so much veg and fruit , it's been brilliant !

I'll post recipes online later this week !

Here's some pictures from our camera roll !


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