My new on the go food ... Amy's split pea soup. Vegan, High Protein Meal.

I've been hunting around for a quick meal prepared for when I'm in a mega rush... And I found one !

This week when my goodness direct order came I was really excited to try the soup I'd ordered, with 12g of protein per can I was thinking it'd make  a great post work out meal . 

It tastes really nice, actually like Leek & potato with a few peas. 

At £1.45 a can I think it's well worth it too   . When you have an hour to shower, dry your hair get ready for work and feed a toddler it's a lovely meal to have on the go. I also had it with the Raw Living flatbreads too , also high in proteins / good fats.  


  1. Clever lady that amy is ! I wonder if we could do our own version. Elsa

  2. I love Amy's soups. Have you tried the french country soup.. that's got to be my favorite!

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