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When I'm looking to buy some vegan/ eco friendly / dairy free, soya free products I usually go online to Goodness Direct . 

I've ordered from them in the past, you can choose what day your delivery arrives, and the cool fridge lines are sent in a polystyrene box with ice blocks - which were still 80% frozen which I thought was very impressive. 

Their sales staff online & via phone are always really helpful and honest, and I love the way the company was started- a group of friends wanting a better way of feeding their families. Adorable! 

I just wanted to write a little shout out for Goodness Direct as they are brilliant , and really a life line for me & Opeie especially with him having so many problems good wise . 

There are so many things I'm yet to try. , I really want to get a few of the Booja Booja chocolates , the ice cream and some of the other bits from the Raw Chocolate company , some of the other nuts and bits from Raw Living . 

I'll keep you posted, as I'm always bring asked ( mainly at work what I eat and where I get it ) so I'm always recommending places , and Goodness Direct Is one of them . 

If you want to shop at Goodness Direct you can use the code at the bottom of my receipt as a recommendation - ( the breadstick was my sons idea to hide our address ) ha! The Co-Yo yoghurt is my favourite - addictive yet filling . 


  1. Thanks ! I ordered from these the other day after reading :) hope it comes quick so I can try co yo ! X Andrea

  2. That's really useful to know :-) thanks !!!

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