The Raw Chocolate Company Chocolate Coated Goji Berries - Review

I opened my Goodness Direct Order this week to find they'd sent me some delicious Raw Chocolate Goji Berries to review. They are delicious! Both Pauly and I have been munching on them when we want a healthy snack. 

The ingredients are nourishing, energising and detoxing. 

Goji berries 44%, raw chocolate 56% (69% cacao solids): cacao mass, rice powder (rice syrup powder, rice starch, rice flour), cacao butter, cacao powder, fructose, natural Madagascan vanilla flavour.

They are also high in protein surprisingly.  Protein 11.5g / per 100g which is great for Vegan moms on the go, who want something fun & tasty to snack on. 

Goji berries have been known for their weight loss qualities too, which is great for me trying to slim down, especially as they have the raw cacoa - ultra detoxing. 

I love The Raw Chocolate Company, and they've definitely got another thing right here. Totally divine!  £7.99 for a massive 200g bag . Buy them online here


  1. Divine looking heavenly beans ! Martha . X

  2. These look lovely!

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