Organic Banana Dairy Free Ice Cream Lollies | Vegan | Soya Free |Gluten free | For Children

With Opeie and I being Vegan, minus soya (and most gluten 99% of the time ) , Seth and Pauly being on limited dairy I wanted to think of a way to get them to be able to Enjoy a frozen dessert that's not a sugary / fructose syrup sorbet type thing .

So I came up with the idea of freezing bananas and sticking them on Ice lolly sticks initially .

Here's how I made them-   ( It seems pretty simple, but they can go wrong!)

Chop/ break up peeled bananas to the size you'd like - I do some smaller for Opeie as he's only a toddler.

Push lolly sticks into the bases of the bananas. Be careful not to push them too far - if if comes out the other end the banana will break up & it won't be a lolly .

Pop them in a air tight bag and freeze for an hour or two .

Remove from freezer and enjoy ... Or....

As a really indulgent treat - I like to add a layer of melted chocolate - either home made organic Raw chocolate or Organic Moo Free chocolate .

I melted around 3/4 of a 100g bar of  Moo Free Chocolate over a pan of boiling water . 

Once melted - and not hot , roll the bananas around in the melted chocolate , or drizzle the chocolate over with a spoon . As the bananas are frozen the chocolate should set immediately - if not within a minute .

Pop in a zip lock bag and store for 1 month maximum - these last about 1 week in our house- we all love them ! Enjoy !

Comment below with your vegan ideas for desserts !


  1. These were AMAZING ! Thanks Laura -

    Love debbie& Clive

  2. That's such a good idea ! Clever you ! X Angela

  3. O



    These are lush! Lush! Lush! Lush! Well done Vegan moma.

  4. We've ran out of these :( neeeeeed more. Ill buy the bananas :)

  5. Shoosh :) in London1 October 2013 at 09:17

    These are the best thing ever! I love you for posting these, been making them non-stop! :)

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