Update on loosing weight as a Vegan Mom | Vegan Diet | Weight loss.

Same trousers, different LIFE!   ( yes my legs are in one trouser leg!)

This week, I was told i'd lost 5% of my body fat in the last 5 weeks. Which was really amazing, my visceral fat is below 7% and this is really down to being Vegan, which makes me happy. I've also gained 300g of muscle, which is really great as It's hard trying to build muscle being limited with no soya and being vegan. 

On 18th January 2013 , I decided to change my lifestyle , since then it's been hello raw veg, proteins, and goodness, and good bye processed foods, refined sugars, most gluten and late night snacks . 

I've lost 2 stone , 7.5lbs (21.5lbs) since then . I do have lovely food, but what I now concider " treat" food is so different to what I once did. 

I owe alot of thanks to certain people, my good man Pauly, My friends Christian, Ellie, Jay, Pixie and my friend and brilliant person trainer Gareth Connell at Purity Health and Fitness.

I had a great work out today with Gareth, we always have a right good giggle, and my cheeks ache from laughing so much. He makes it great fun. This next month will be focusing on strength, resistance, weights and mainly arms and core muscles. My core has been shot to bits  (almost after having two sections ) and I want it back. I want stomach muscles, and I want a flat toned belly, so I am going to get it. 

Footnote | 

I've had lots of messaged via my Facebook asking what I did / how I lost weight / how I stay motivated .... 

My long term goal is LONG term health , I really want to know that my body is in the best physical stateut can be in, looking slim / fit is great but it doesn't always mean that you're healthy in side . 

I lost my weight by firstly getting my head in the right place. I think that is key - to REALLY want to loose weight , to REALLY  REALLY be passionate about getting your body in the best health state possible . I did quite a lot of research into things regarding food over the last 3 years - and slowly my bad habits ( BBQ Pringles late at night ) slowly started to be the things that changed the quickest . 

What do you buy each week food wise ? 

I get asked this quite slot because a Raw , vegan, soya free , mostly gluten free diet mind boggles a lot of people , and they think I eat weird food . I mostly eat loads of salads with a 15-20g of protein , vegan cheese, some home made pesto or salad dressings , soups, roast dinners , raw lasagnes , raw pasta ( which I'm going to write a blog on ) for sweet food I make my famous Raw Peanut Butter Cups , and frozen banana lollies , and other sweet treats I like to make . 

I think the main thing is - if you don't buy crap food in , you can't treat your body like a bin . Filling it with junk food . Because its JUST that - junk food ! It's not good for you , and is slowly killing the western world . 

I'm planning on writing a piece on working out with my trainer at some point . So I'll answer those questions then ! 

And remember ....


  1. Well done you ! That's some serious commitment !

  2. That's great ! Well done !!!

  3. Wow!!!" Laura you look great . Thanks for all your advice. Jenni xxx

  4. I can't believe the difference !!!! Well done !!!!

    Thanks for writing tips like this .


  5. My goodness - when you said you had lost a lot of weight I didn't quite appreciate how much until I saw these photos! That is so amazing - I really need to get motivated to get to pre-pregnancy weight - I am awful for late night snacking, especially since blogging! I used to live by the principle of not buying unhealthy stuff because then I wouldn't eat it but now I buy biscuits and crisps for the kids but then I end up eating them too. xxx

  6. Aw, you can do it! Just try and make sure you have healthy snacks in for when you're in grazing mode! I think that having a really high protein meal helps, stops you feeling as hungry. You look fab anyway!

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