Ilumi Moroccan Style Vegetable Tagine

I heard about Ilumi a while ago, and decided to try them since they are always  dairy and gluten free , I also thought the prices were reasonable for ready made good quality food that's sent to you in the post . 

The Morrican Style Vegetable Tagine was the one that caught my eye immediately - and it didn't disappoint ! ( Although I added more chickpeas , since I'm trying to get a little more protein to gain muscle mass) 

If you cooked rice or made salad you could split this between two as it was a big portion , and I didn't even plate it all up in the photo . 

The flavour was the nicest pre made meal I've had in a really long time - actually THE nicest ever ... the taste isn't overly spicey or hot, just a rich full flavour , I'd definitely  recommend Ilumi to anyone, well packaged, ridiculously tasty, unusual dishes , and value for money . 


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