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So it's 2:30 am - I woke up 30 mins ago to feed Opeie, started thinking and now I can't get back to sleep ! 

When I wake up in the night I always end up googling recipes , and catching up with a few of my friends food blogs, which Is bad for two reasons - one, I never remember what I've read in the morning after , and two, I always end up so hungry ! ( like now. ) 

I've been thinking about our 'relationship' with carbs for a few months now, that people are scared of the carbs in their food, that people don't eat meals with carbs when trying to loose weight , that celebs in the media talk about having minimal or zero carbs to stay skinny, and then diets like the Atkins . 

Guess what ? It's rubbish. ! I eat loads of carbs ! Carbs are in everything pretty much anyway , from raspberries to chickpeas, to gluten free bread to normal pasta! It's how you use them how it matters , as a fuel source to give you energy ! 

( yes, nuts are "high" in carbs - but also protein, good fats & oils ) 

When people say " I don't have carbs" I find it hard to believe as pretty much everything has carbs on one level of another , you can have a clean carb diet which is better for you ( minimal processed carbs, And less starchy carbs ) but its really about balance ! 

A clean carb diet is just that, carbs from an original source , but I personally believe that some gluten free items should be eaten without fear too , since gluten is one of the main fear factors in carbs - it's the thing that ( can ) make you sluggish , tired, achey, run down , and ultimately have a reaction to such as bloating , and other nasty digestive problems . 

So if you're trying to loose weight or be healthier , don't skip on the carbs , your body really needs them ! You'll have way more energy if you eat them regularly too, I try to eat every 2 hours , which boosts your metabolism . Have a balance within p

Enjoy your food, don't get swept along in the media flurry of food hate. 


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