Safe, paraben free natural crystal based deodorants. Which is the best and most reliable ?

A close relative was diagnosed with Cancer last year and thankfully over came it and is doing great I'm pleased to say . 

When we found out she'd  been diagnosed with Cancer I tried to do as much research into cancers as possible - especially the breast cancer that she had . The specialist and consultants didn't really seem to go into the causes of why it may have happened, but I seriously think deodorants in the armpit areas are a serious cause got concern . It's not just women either, it's men too, I have 2 male  patients at work who have breast cancer. 

The skin & tissue around the breast is very delicate but also absorbs things very easily . Which makes it the perfect place for chemicals such as the toxic ones (aluminium Etc )  found in some deodorants to hide and build up. 

The deodorants I've been using (along with 3 others that I don't have in the picture as they've run out) are ; 
Biosen, crystal , Alvin Connor , Toms of Maine . 

The only one I don't like as much as the others Is the Biosen stick , it doesn't seem to have the lasting power. 

I think the best one for cost and because its most natural Is the Alvin Connor - it's in a glass bottle with loose crystals, which you fill with water & it's a pump spray . It's £7.99 and lasts 6-8 months . 

The Crystal roll on Is good but it doesn't last as long, I seem to get through one ever 6 weeks - they're £3.89 from Boots 

The Toms of Maine in stick form ( I've had every scent ) is good but doesn't last all day if your super busy, but the texture is lovely , and the lemon & cucumber one is so good!!!! 

The Biosen deodrant is good but I don't like aerosols too much and it's not as pure as it could be .... 

I've also tried the Jason ones, and they are nice .

What's your favourite safe deodrant brand ? 


  1. I like faith in nature & Jason. Faith in nature deodorants are eco friendly too - you can buy refills for the roll ons instead of having to buy a whole new one. We use a lot of Jason things in our house, including nappy cream! We're really careful about which products we use. Jason's aloe vera lotion has been amazing for my skin after tattoo removal too.

    1. Yes, I really like the Jason stuff !!!! It's really nice and a reasonable price too . I've not tried the nappy stuff as our son is now potty trained - he's 2.5 yrs .

      But I think the rest of their stuff is great :-)

    2. I pressed enter too soon ....

      I tried their tooth paste and I much prefer the Toms of Maine !

      I love the sunscreen though , it's inexpensive and works great !

    3. Yes i especially like Jasons kids sunscreen as its waterproof, and the face spray one is a lifesaver for me. We just superdrug own brand toothpaste as they label which things are vegan.

    4. That's interesting , I'm not much of a SuperDrug fan , but I'll have another look . It's more about the other ingredients that go into the tooth paste for me :(

      I use other oils like carrot oil as sunscreen too as its factor 40

  2. I love the Toms of main one in lemon . It's great !

    1. It's lovely isn't it? Like a soft balm , that smells sweet and fresh !

  3. I really like the one from Lush! It's a stick crystal you wet :-) Laurier

  4. I like the crystal rocks you can get in " hippy shops " :)

    Monica x

    1. Yes, I like the look of those too Monica, I keep looking into the amber soap in those shops too !

  5. Kate here :

    I really enjoy the one from Toms of Maine! It smells great !


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