Autum in Shropshire | Fast Jam Recipe For Using Your Picked Fruit

It feels very autumnal here all of a sudden , we've spent days and days collecting wild apples out and around our beautiful county home, Shropshire. We've had so many apples that I've decided next year we need a chest freezer to cope with the beautiful and welcomed abundance , not to mention pears, plums and damsons. We've been reading books under trees, gaining the last of the beautiful sparkly soft 5pm light, before dusk settles and sleepy heads nod off on the ride home.

Having to buy smoothie since our blender broke, sadly non organic, but we manage to get everything else organic, read my last post and recommend a Blender to me....

Seth's now decided he likes oatcakes, which is brilliant news, as they contain 'complexed carbs' - which means they release very very slowly, and have less sugar per gram than other carbs, they also have other amazing qualities,  besides they go with everything too! 

I've been to Wholefoods market alot and have been buying many beauty items ready for winter, as my skin suffers so badly, and it can be very painful with cracked dry skin, when I get a new blender I'm going to try making my own!

I've been having raw organic treats left around the house for me, by Mr T, he's the best with suprises.

Opeie's been collecting blackberries with me everywhere we go , we filled these two buckets whilst having a quick pre work trip to the park the other day, had I have had bigger buckets in the boot i'd have carried on picking, as we've been making tons of jam, and raw pies which are divine.

Quick organic Jam recipe.

500g Apples & Blackberries
500g Raw unrefined Sugar
Lemon Juice - 1/2 a lemon will be great ( helps it set - it's rich in pectin )
15ml water may be needed- have to hand incase it gets overly sticky too fast.

Jars, glass with metal lids. On fresh grease proof paper, line a baking tray. Turn on the oven to the lowest temperature. Place lids and jars open side up, so the inside of each faces up so the air can circulate and sterilise them. Leave them in for 15mins, and let them stay warm.

If you have a metal Jar funnel, pop this in too, or if you have plastic sterilise in some hot water and boil.

In a heavy based pot or saucepan, turn heat up to 3/4 full heat.
Add fruit
When it's hot and sizzling add the sugar and then, lemon juice.
Then monitor to see if it needs a tad water. ( mine did the first time, then was fine the second!)

Turn the heat up full for 5-10 mins to help set.

Pour into Jars.


  1. These photos are making me crave the countryside! Damn London! At least we have WholeFoods though :)

    1. I bet there are apple trees in London somewhere, maybe peep over your fence into your neighbours garden :-)

  2. , how I miss apple scrimping !

  3. You make the best jam ever , I'd like some marmalade too ;-)

  4. Girl.with.a.heart.made.of.cheese12 October 2013 at 01:16

    You need some cheese on those oatcakes !!! What are oatcakes like , crackers ?


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