Tips for being healthy this winter | Raw Green Juices & Wellness Formula

I just wanted to share one of my favourite go to products, for over the winter. Wellness Formula is kind of known as 'natural antibiotics' by some folk. If you start feeling unwell, take Wellness Formula and the blend of herb and vitamins gives your body the extra boost to fight anything off. Well worth the £12.99 for 45. I'd also suggest hitting up the juices over the next few months more than usual, to boost your immunity, and general health. I could live off juice though! 


  1. I'm going to have a look for this in Holland & Barratt and see what they have ! Thank you EcoMom

  2. I love green smoothies & oat cakes in the morning - best start to the day in my opinion .....

    Russell @ I love my oat cakes

  3. Hope you enjoyed your green juice this morning cute stuff xxx


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