Vegan in a forest. Quick 5 Minute meal with Vegusto Herb Cheese.

Quick post & quick meal idea: I love cheese, there is so much you can do with it. Before I had a dairy allergy, and switched to Vegan, I would have it on everything, make Stilton & Broccoli soup, cheese on toast, Mac & cheese, the list was endless. Since I'm also allergic to Soya too, getting cheeses is a toughie, as the soya bean can be moulded into different 'replacements' or 'cheats' in the cheese, dairy, meat foods. 

Vegusto is a goodie though, Vegan, soya free, palm oil free, and extremely tasty. Since they sent me some delish cheeses, I thought that it'd be cool to bring them to the forest weekend away we're on, and taste a few of them, and boy it's been worth the wait, since they arrived last week. 

The No Muh Herb was first on my list to try, as I was cooking 4 different meals for me and the boys I decided to keep mine simple. Poached pears with buts and the Vegusto No Muh herb cheese. 
It was really delishious, and I throughly enjoyed it, the boys ended up having poached pears too, which was a bonus as I love showing them that eating healthy can be so tasty! 

The cheese was perfect, a good herby flavour, texture and was crumbly, went really well with the salad , nuts and pears.

{ Vegusto sent me these cheeses for me to review and 'play' with so that I can inform my blog readers and my patients at work who have several allergies. I have never been paid for a review, and these are my own words! }


  1. That looks amazing!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to try this tonight! x

  2. Girl.with.a.heart.made.of.cheese12 October 2013 at 01:10

    I live for cheese - but have a dairy allergy ! :( will Deffo be checking this bad boy out pronto !!!!!

  3. Saw this on vegustos Facebook - looks yummy !!!

  4. Beth. In . London16 October 2013 at 01:13

    I saw this on Vegustos home page , lucky you being able to cook so well ! I'm deffo trying this !

  5. That looks delicious, i wish I'd have tried it!


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