Vegan travelling with children, snacks.


I'm currently sitting in a really faaancy villa in the forest, which is full of ducks, squirrels, rabbits, horses and deer......It's lovely! I want to pack it away into my luggage and take it home with us- especially the kitchen.... it's perfect, I've had such fun cooking away and playing with the gadgets.

 If the weathers good later, I'm going to hit the outdoor BBQ up, BIG style!

We've also been whizzing around the forest, but Opeie isn't himself since we both got a stomach flu virus last week. It's been tough travelling with him.

I thought I'd share with you though, the things I keep in my bag for the boys when travelling, as we love to travel, venturing outside it's really important we have bits. I am NOT happy if I get hungry, light headed and sicky feeling, neither are the boys.It doesn't matter if we are popping up the M54 to the mountains we like to play on ( Carding Mill Valley ) or on a long haul 9 hour flight to Orlando, I will always have a stash of snacky things for the boys and I.

  • Mainly because, healthy, vegan food is a pain to get anywhere other than a garage or a Spar in the middle of nowhere, or even worse a Airport waiting area.
  • It's oh-so-expensive! They know you'll pay it so they love to rip you off big style. Who really wants to pay £1 for a Mrs Crimbles tiny cake in a garage when you can get a box of 6 for £1.25 in the Co-Op, - this was me a few weeks ago when I forgot my food bag.
  • .... plus who wants to actually have to hunt for bits of food when they are already (most likely tired) and hungry. Not me, it's NOT fun! Especially when there is so much before-you-were-vegan food calling your name, 'Eatttt meeee, tasty my creamy gorgeous centre, I'm a cadbury creme egg that wants to live in your mouth' ..... no! I would rather not.
  •  If you're travelling in the UK it's not too bad travelling with snacks etc, as we don't have to worry about fresh things like grapes etc going through customs scanners, but once you are en route to the airport it's worth remembering you can't take anything 'fresh' through.
  • Currently, security checkpoints in UK airports only allow you to carry limited quantities of liquids in your hand baggage. This includes gels, lotions, pastes, liquid cosmetics, foams and foodstuffs.

    • They recommend you pack permitted liquid items in your hold baggage to avoid security delays. Any liquids you do decide to carry in your hand baggage must meet the following requirements to pass security screening:
    • Liquids must be in individual containers, no greater than 100ml capacity
    • All liquid containers must be placed in a transparent, re-sealable bag (ie. with a zip or pressable seal). The bag must be no bigger than 20cm x 20cm (8ins x 8ins), and a maximum of one litre in capacity
    • Only one transparent re-sealable bag is allowed. Bags not fulfilling the requirements above are not allowed

******I always have, Bear fruit roll ups on me, Nakd. raisins, oat cakes, the tiny pots of houmous, Hipp Organic fruit pots, Goodies Oaty 'cereal' cars, and lately we've been making sure we have something like Orgrans Animal Outback biscuits for Opeie as he always feels so left out if Seth has a biscuit somewhere. *******

A good idea is to buy some Zip-Lock bags so that if it leaks, it's leaking in a contained bag. You can put some decanted wet-wipes or  a wet cloth in here too, that way you have something to wash your hands with afterwards, or in our case a very very mucky Opeie.


  1. I never leave the house this prepared!! poor Opeie xxx

    1. I'm sure he's ok - just pack a bag for the car & replenish it now & again :)

  2. I didn't realise you had your own lovely blog - I thought it was just the facebook page! We spotted your special bag of snacks - and we love the Bear yo yo rolls too! xxx

    1. Aww thank you Becky ! I love them too ! My fave Is the purple one :)

      Hope you guys are fun . X

  3. Great tips, love the zip lock bags!

  4. I've commented before , where did you stay , looks lovely x

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