West Midlands Vegan Festival ( Wolverhampton Civic 2013 )

This weekend we were in Wolverhampton on the Saturday as The West Midlands Vegan gathering was on - lots of lovely brands we love , I could have spent a fortune! We bought quite alot , and have enjoyed having some new food options ! It was super busy and buzzing in the building as everyone was everywhere and it was a tricky building as there are so many nooks & crannies with random rooms, we missed Pukka Herbs since we didn't realise it was there until I saw someone with some bags on the way out :( 

I could have stayed at the Moo Free stall allllllll day! We bought so much chocolate, we managed to get Mint chocolate , banana chip chocolate , cranberry and hazelnut chocolate , several smaller bars in Santa shapes and some gorgeous caramel-y nib sprinkled chocolate bars .  I'd have photographed it but we've been eating so much chocolate it'd almost gone ! 

Pauly bought a load of Pulse bars, but I wasn't keen on them , I like the hemp powder though ! 

We discovered the KoKo brand which we really love !!!! The boys love anything coconut so it's been really nice for them to try something slightly different in the form of the "milk shake" style ones, Seth loved the strawberry ( like me ) and Opeie liked the Chocolate ( like Pauly ) 

I Also picked up one of the best lip balms I've ever owned by Mimi's Miracle , the lady who owns and runs the company was lovely - very knowledgeable ! I've been using it all week at work and I love it !!!!! I regret not getting some of the face oil now :( The lip balm isn't too oily as its main ingredient is avacardo oil , but it's so moisturising ! Heaven ! Check out the amazing products here .

We then popped to Wolverhampton art gallery which was lovely as its one of my favourite places :) 

Opeie was super excited to pick up a pumpkin bath bomb from Lush at the vegan festival too bless him , anything that gets him excited about getting in the bath is a bonus for us as he's not the biggest fan of splashing around in the tub , or heaven forbid - washing his hair! It's like a the sounds of a mad man when it's hair washing day , but the lush pumpkin made everything alot more cheerful! 

Did you visit ? What did you think ? 


  1. Hey, i went there with my sister. it was like cake heaven and really was a great atmosphere x

  2. Looks fun! The pictures are awesome!


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