Natural ways of fighting a toddlers cold - OmniBlend recipe forimmuinity boost over winter.

Opeie wasnt himself Friday nor yesterday  , then he woke up in the night spluttering, coughing with a temperature. It's been a long night but he's feeling slightly better I think as hes been chirping away all morning and his temperature is back to normal.  (thank goodness ) To help him get over it  he's been having lots of healthy germ-fighting foods.

I decided to make us all smoothies this morning, As they're so simple to make in my OmniBlender, and I am exhausted from little sleep and a project I've been working on so couldn't manage too much in the kitchen today. 

Here it is ;
2 frozen bananas,
a cup of cherries or strawberries,
1 tablespoon coconut oil,
2 cups KoKo coconut milk,
2 tablespoons chia seeds
and 3 scoops of Roy Owen Vitamin C powder, which will help to fight off bugs as its around 5,000iu per scoop.

Pulse on the highest setting , then whizz for a couple of minutes. 


  1. Good idea on the chia seeds!!!


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