Vegan in Orlando : Daiya Pizzas, Vega One, Weightloss

Well,  we've been super busy this week, and I've not had chance to write too much as we've been working on something exciting....

But I thought that you might like to see what I've been munching on... I had THE BEST pizza the other night... I have been THE biggest fan of Daiya since discovering it, so much so I named my iPhone Daiya ( don't ask! Odd ball girl ) .... it was worth the wait since my freezer stash ran out. YUM! The base was gluten free so it meant Opeie could eat it also. I've since gone back and bought 2 more in other flavors as Opeie loved it so much and keeps saying " Opeie have some pizza please?"

I like to eat more raw foods mostly but this pizza was an ultimate treat, as was the ice cream I ate afterwards!

Even the boys who are non-gluten free / vegan enjoyed it! I think I slightly overcooked the it as I'm still getting used to this cooker we have. although it's an amazing cooker, so I don't mind, and the base tasted gooooood! Probably the best pizza I've ever had. I don't want to come back to the UK at the end of the month.

On the way to the Disney park the other day I had VegaOne cherry chocolate protein bar. It was 16g of protein and the first few bites were good BUT it was kinda chalky and heavy. I had to eat it over 2 days. At $3.99 they're quite pricey too, but would be good for an after gym session I think.

Opeie's been munching on Minion bananas, all of the bananas have minion stickers on them, but Pauly decided to go one step further and decorate the yellow fruits with a biro for Opeie's snack.

I've done tons of food shopping at my mother ship, Wholefoods Market, I had the nicest suprise too while I was in there, When I was in the store 18months ago, I made a friend, a fellow Brit, who'd moved to Orlando with his parent's as a teen.... I was walking through the aisles and I said Hello to him.

I started to say, " Hello again.. you helped me so much last year...."
He remembered me but said " DAMN GIRL YOU LOST SOME WEIGHT....... "

Then we hugged and high fived. It was such a nice suprise, as I'm always the person who remembers everyone. After a chat I picked up some more products, and I am so happy that I was able to meet up with someone who helped me so much, even if it was just a few hints, it was more the state of mind change that helped.

 Last Year:

And this year.....

Here's to eating healthy!

Plans for the week: To check out some awesome parks, go swimming alot, shop! , check out some tasty vegan restaurants, and have a blast generally.

Enjoy today, Laura x


  1. Lauren & Kelly love VEG19 November 2013 at 04:18

    How did you loose so much weight ?!

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