Natural Vegan Eco Mom In..... Orlando! Favourits I've been buying....

November 12th 2013 :

Wow, what a few days!

I've not stopped, and I admit, I am exhausted! It's all been so so worth it though! We're having a blast here in Orlando, and the fan isn't stopping yet, we still have some awesome things planned, with some huge things happening, so it's all exciting stuff, so stay tuned!

I thought I'd quickly share with you what I've been buying from Wholefoods, if you're like me and like to be nosey and look what  Christmas-sy delights can be found abroad or home, you'll like this as it's all super yummy and very festive!

Non dairy heaven! Brands I love : Daiya, Earth balance , Almond Breeze, So Delicious, Califia, Veganise and So Veggie.

Oh my GOODNESS! HO HO HO , it's Christmas in my mouth with this! The most amazing Mint Chocolate drink EVER, even beats the dairy ones I'd get from Starbucks back in the day! Totally amazing, and I wish I could take it all home!  I'm going to have to get more since I've drank it all with Seth - he loves it too! The boy has the best taste yet he's only 7 bless him!

Eggless Egg nog?! Wholey moley, this is so beautiful it's not even funny. I've been drinking this stuff like there's no tomorrow. The weird thing is, it's juts Water, Almonds and raw cane sugar ( I think ) as there's no egg flavour types in the ingredients. Weird.

Anchor butter fan?! YES!!!! This tastes so creamy, buttery and salty that you forget it plant based. Probably one of my faves from this trip in Orlando, I LOVE it. Knocks the spots of the awful 'butter' we get back home. I'm going to be taking this home with me, well, a few I guess actually!

Daiya, as I mentioned before, I'm THE biggest Daiya fan, I have been eating this on just about, well, actually, everything in sight, as had Opeie. Not sure about the Strawberry cream cheese one yet, but might make good cheesecake! I will let you know as I'm planning on playing around with it, to see what i come up with! Sound good? Stay tuned!

Go Veggie! - Kinda like a cheaper Daiya, I'll let you know how it goes down on the Melt-y front!

Cream cheese Daiya, - I've been eating the chive one on oatcakes! Crumbly, a great likeness in texture and amazing taste. I really love this and wish they'd make other flavors like pineapple, or spicey red peppers.

Totally delicious, I am in love with this. I've always been a HUGE Tartar sauce fan, I love sauces and dressings, but this is something else. Soy free too! Woop! It's so creamy that you forget it's not egg / dairy based. Totally amazing, and so flavour-some it's awesome. I've had it on everything, and have been dipping carrots in it like there's no tomorrow!

Oh yes! Vegan So delicious Ice creams! Daiya Pizza and Wholefoods Burritos  for my fiancee Pauly!

Opeie's been eating the So Delicious Mini's with curiosity since hecan' t understand what they are, or why they're so cold as he's never had Ice cream before, since the UK ones hard to get hold of where we live or they have soy in them. So since he had these , he's been in an ice cream dream.

Stay tuned for more on Orlando's best foodie haunts, products and restaurants for vegans. .....

Lots of cheesey love, Laura ( Who's eating a fabulous Daiya pizza! )


  1. I'd love a daiya pizza right now !!!

  2. Katie Loves Chocolate19 November 2013 at 04:17

    I'd love some pizza !!!! Is it good?!

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