Colourful Angel Hair - Vegan Veggies with Rice Noodles

It's been a busy few weeks since returning from Orlando, work, children, kitchen renovation, school nativities, life! You know how it goes , not that i'm complaining of course. Our life may be crazy busy at times, the days just seem to fly away, but our days re always filled with alot of laughter, love, fun and good food!

One of my "go-to" quick go-to meals that we can all eat together - let me tell you, this doesn't happen very often! Not because we're fussy, just due to food allergies etc ) is what we call " Colourful Angel Hair"

It's super easy to make! It's 10 different veggies, we use

Courgettes / Zucchini

Simply slice them as finely as you can, throw in a pan with coconut oil, and then add Angel Hair Noodles/ Rice noodles! If they're dry you need to soak them first, but we often buy the fresh ones!

Seth will happily eat this, but opeie stuggled to chew the veggies, especially the cabbage, mushrooms and kale, so we make his into a sauce with alittle passata, I simply pop them in the Omniblend for 10-20 seconds , and then add the noodles separately! He absolutely loves it too!  I won't lie, he gets messy, but it's part of the fun! Cheeks covered in sauce are the cutest!


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