East End Market - Orlando Florida Review | vegan bakery | juice bar & more

I haven't forgot to write a few more posts about our trip to Orlando - don't worry ! It's just that time of year and we've been also renovating our kitchen so that been taking away some of my free time ! That said , I present - East End Market , to you ! I didn't get too many photos sadly as it was really late by the time we'd finished up at Ethos , And arrived at the market , but it was so worth it . 

They have a collection of small independents that are in one co-op building which has raised veg beds outside and the most beautiful courtyard filled with rare looking exotic plants . 

From memory there was a vegan bakery, deli, cake shop , florist / plant shop, coffee shop , vintage furniture store , and then an amazing juice bar . 

It's so worth a visit if you're in the area ! It's really close to Ethos, Cafe- a great Vegan reaturant I've mentioned and written about before . Cafe 118•c - a raw vegan reaturant , which I'm told is a real experience to say the least! Rapsodic Bakery - A vegan bakery and there's also lots of other amazing shops in the area, including a Wholefoods Market . 


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