Our favourite kitchenware for Opeie, the smallest Vegan- Oxo Tot !

I've been meaning to share with you my newly found love since discovering the range in Wholefoods, I say newly found love, but what I really mean is newly found obsession! People are always messaging asking who makes the plates etc, and so I decided to fill you in on the brand

which is , Oxo tot ....

" It's 'just' a plate / beaker/ spoon / bowl"  I've heard people tell me when I rave about them - but when I start to explain why they're different to all the other products on the market you can almost see the cogs turn in people's minds as if they are thinking - " Damn why didn't I think of that , it's simple yet so obvious that's what little people need" 

In Opeie's case he is  "Mr I-Can-Do-It-Myself" , which ... I'm pleased about but, if I'm honest it did make alot of mess - and it made meal times frustrating for him too I guess since the food was always falling off the rim of the Ikea plates we used to use & he's cry if it fell on the floor knowing he couldn't then eat it . ( I'm one if those Moms - yes, germ phobic , even though I'm forever vacuuming & cleaning ) 

The Oxo  Training Plate is  his fave- for such a simple design - a rubber bottomed plate , with removable green rim that's just the right size, it's perfect, especially feeding on the go like at the Magic Kingdom Disney Parade . He can sit anywhere and the plate doesn't slide around or flip up, it's been the best addition to Opeie's kit.

While the Oxo Tot Twist Top Water Bottle straw beaker comes a close 2nd . I LOVE this beaker ! It's genius !!!!! ( yes that many exclamation points needed ) no more spilling for Opeie . I love the design , you twist the top & the straw flips down inside , keeping it clean , leak free and safe . But it's also so easy for him to hold as it has a little handle too .

The Oxo Small & Large Bowl set are a set of snack / meal bowls which  are wonderful for storing his favorite pastas in when we go out, they're fuss free, don't leak , so reliable !

Probably my favourite is the Oxo  Silicone Spoon though, and a close second the Oxo Cutlery set,  we've tried pretty much every spoon on the high street , other than this . When I saw them in Wholefoods market I knew they looked like a great match for my mess eater, I was right ! Opeie feeds himself so much easier with this spoon than any other ! Weird - I keep wondering what's so different about the size / angling / material that makes it effortless for Opeie to eat like a pro , even things like his beloved Vegan ice cream - simple & so mess free!

Another fave that I must mention is the Divided Feeding dish, which is a half & half bowl - such a clever design! It was a removable lip that goes around the edge which is higher at the back so it doesn't spill over as he's eating . Excellent news for me as you should see the messes he's accidentally created in the past. We like it at breakfast so that Opeie has 2 choices, as he's always asking for multiple things, like his Brother Seth!

The thing I love most about the Oxo Tot range is that , somehow , they've worker out what simply works - sounds easy to do and obvious but no! It's not , babies & toddlers are still fine tuning there motor skills, sense of balance when using things on a table, and just learning about life . Simple things such a rubber on the bottom of all the plates & bowls, leak free cups , perfectly angled spoons which are coated in a delicate but robust silicone / rubber material ( that's BPA free may I add ) make his little world so much easier . 

Looking back , I should have known this from the start , I had an Oxo Y shaped peeler when I first left home aged 17 , I vividly remember buying it from Tesco one Friday night after I'd just been paid . It lasted 9 years until it died a death last year . 

Now I have a cheap Ikea one , which everytime I use it , I think " I really need to get an Oxo!" 

Maybe Santa will bring me some Oxo bits for my new kitchen I've been renovating myself for the last month , ill pop it on my list !

When we were in on holiday the Oxo tot range came in so handy!

Disclaimer: Oxo Tot have not paid me for any of the above, I like to share my own opinions and thoughts when I find products that I love. Oxo did send me a few items to take on holiday after discovering my love of their products. 


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