Raw Cacoa Macaroon Balls Recipe using Omniblend | protein balls | chocolate

These are a really good alternitive to the guilty chocolates we've all been eating over Christmas! They're detoxing, raw and full of energy to get you over that post Christmas day slump.
We made Santa some raw chocolate cookie macaroon balls this week  a few days before Christmas eve since Opeie loves making things in the OmniBlend blender, he likes being in control ( with side-by-side supervision of course) of the light touch buttons!

So together we made these raw cacao chocolate macaroon balls.
1 heaped Cup Shredded Coconut ( I used Crazy Jacks )
1 cup ground almonds ( I used Goodness Direct's own )
1/2 Cup Coconut Oil ( I used Biona but you can use any brand thats good quality )
2/3 cup Cocao powder
4 tabespoons agave depending how sweet you want them you might want 5
2 scraped vanilla pod seeds

Put everything in the  Omniblend Blender and pulse for a few seconds. Then with the tamper push the mixture down until it's all mixed up.

Remove the mix and put it in a bowl and chill in the fridge for 15 minutes - this helps you when you make them into balls.

Working quickly roll them into balls and put on a plate in the fridge for storage.


  1. These look great. I like them quite bitter and the kids prefer them slightly sweeter, so I'd probably split the mix in half and make 2 batches. If you fancy it, I run a weekly linky called #recipeoftheweek which is a space to share recipe posts and get some share, comment, Pin love etc. I'd love to get more veggie, vegan and allergy-friendly recipe creators joining so do please pop over if you'd like x

  2. I've been following you on Instagram & love these pictures you added ! Thank you for sharing them :-)

  3. I love the look of these! Well done you for thinking of something festive but guilt free.

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