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Opeie decided that he wanted a kitchen for Christmas whilst shopping in Ikea . He was so excited by the idea of making things and cooking that I couldn't wait for Christmas morning to come . ( Even though we celebrate Christmas Day on Boxing Day in our house ) It was totally worth the wait ! 

Opeie has been cooking up a storm in his Diner but the other day he asked if we could make some chocolate together , as chocolate making is one of my favourite things to do , I quickly started melting the Cacao Butter , while Opeie carried the equipment from the main kitchen , to the Diner kitchen . 

{ I need to get some non-glass containers for him to play with however, as yesterday these fell off the shelf and almost smashed. Any ideas of nice plastic, bpa free containers, comment below! }

I decided to use his empty advent calendar tray as a mould so we could talk about recycling as we made them . Despite being 2 1/2 Opeie understands the concept very well .I'd like to get some good 'Ice lollie' shapes ones so that we could make raw ice cream too, but all the ones I've had in the past don't support well, and the ice cream always topples off.... anyway...

We also made "raw Reece's peanut butter cups " which I'll come to later-  if you're wondering why there's peanut butter on the table . 

I'd recommend using a toddler safe bowl while making these, something that has grip to the bottom as you don't want a chocolate-y mess everywhere, we used our trusty Oxo Tot bowl from the Small & Large Set  as I knew these wouldn't move around while Opeie was stirring. I'd also recommend using a silicone whisk as i find the metal ones are abit slippy if they get the cacao butter on the handle, which happened to us (we didn't have one however)

To make enough chocolate to fill 25 small moulds and to cover 12 Raw Reece's . 

0.5 cups melted Cacao oil / butter 
0.5 cups melted coconut oil 
12 tablespoons cacao powder
6-8 tablespoons maple syrup or agave
Pinch of salt 
Scraped vanilla pod 

Mix the melted  cacao butter & coconut oil together, Add the salt , vanilla and syrup ( I prefer to use less syrup - around 6 tablespoons , and opted for agave ) 

Once mixed, slowly add the cacao powder, whisking to make sure it's not lumpy . 

Fill the moulds until almost at the top , we decided to use the moustache moulds we had for Christmas also since there was a little left over . When they're all full - put in the freezer for 15 minutes to set, or the fridge for 30 mins if you're not impatient ! 

(  Opeie's favourite part, licking the utensils clean afterwards ) 

When the moulds are cool - pop out of the tray and eat , or store in a airtight tub ! Enjoy ! Have you made anything nice lately ? Are you on a post Christmas diet ? Is your New Years resolution to loose weight & be healthier ? 


  1. These look divine !!!!! Are they bitter tasting ?

  2. Katie Loves Cake4 January 2014 at 14:40

    That looks so simple to make :) I love it!!!

  3. what a clever little lad - love his miffy apron! For BPA free storage jars have you seen these ones from Nuby http://www.nuby-uk.com/view-product?product_id=413 Pauly might be able to review some as Nuby Daddy blogger? xxx

  4. our little chef likes liking the bowl too http://www.thebrilliantchef.co.uk/2013/12/the-brilliant-chef-back-in-kitchen.html

  5. That's a quick way to make chocolate ! You see the Lindt ads and it looks complexed with the Chocolateirs ! Easy ! Thanks ! Where do I but cacao butter ?

  6. Laura In sheffield25 January 2014 at 23:55

    Where did you get the cacao butter?

  7. New RIG Vice-Chair Caroline Raphael said.


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