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Like the Cuppow cup lid transformer I posted a little while ago, Uberstar have another glass gem up their sleeve. JOCO have been brought to the UK from sunny Australia on a mission, To help reduce landfill by preventing waste of plastic and paper cups. (Did you know 2.5 billion paper cups are used every year?)

Pauly LOVES coffee. Fact. But he also loves leaving them dotted around the house on shelves, bookcases etc as he goes about his day as a Stay-At-Home-Dad with our boys. So I gave him the task of reviewing the eco-friendly, glass... (did I mention I love glass kitchenware?) reusable JOCO cup over the last week.

Pauly's Verdict.

" I was really shocked at how hot it keeps your drinks first off. Normally my drinks at luke warm when I remember to have them- now they're piping hot. It's super easy to clean, which is a bonus as those metal flasks that end up grimey after a while. I also LOVE that it fits in the cars cup holder perfectly while I'm on the go.

I found the fact that it has the rubber band around the centre particularly good when I'm working outside, when it's as cold as -3'c , like it was yesterday I have a tendancy to drop cups that don't have handles. I also loved that it wasn't a messy cup- I'm a fairly furry fellow! "

The JOCO cup is generous, 12oz's - so it'll keep you going on the way to work, or on a cold winters morning, like today!

Did I also mention that JOCO cup is also microwave, dishwasher,  and freezer safe? It fits perfectly in every coffee shop barista coffee machine too,  re-use JOCO cup you're helping reduce landfill by not purchasing disposable coffee cups.  I love that it's glass, it's not going to give anything off like some nasty plastic cups. . . . . . . It's the coffee cup that cares!

The JOCO cup is £19.99 and available from Uberstar


  1. Wow , those look amazing ! Thanks for sharing this on Instagram , I really love them & will be buying a few .... Lovely .

  2. I saw this on your Instagram- they look so cool! Do they do larger ones?

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