Cuppow Drinking Lid Adaptor For Canning or Mason Jars Review | UK

It's Sunday, and I promised myself that I would take a day off from web stuff, BUT, last week I received a really amazing product....

My fiancee Pauly is a rather hairy faced fellow. He's always complaining whenever we have juices or smoothies that it ends up in his beard and mustache. He's right it does, and it is a bit of nuisance - especially as we take our juices and smoothies out and about with us. So, you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Cuppow from Uberstar (the Uk distributor), they're a little gadget that turns a regular Mason Jar into a cup with a spout.  The website says:

"Cuppow is an American company that grew out of a need to develop everyday products that would help decrease peoples eco-footprint. The flagship Cuppow product, the original drinking lid adaptor for canning or mason jars, allows people to up-cycle an everyday item into an eco-friendly travel mug." - Clever hey!?

I thought I'd give it a test run yesterday ( with some helpers) , and I was not disappointed, it's a really clever little thing, and I can see myself buying a few of them for the boys, since I find that its difficult for the boys especially being small to drink out of a wide glass jar. I also really love the fact that you don't have to take the middle part of the lid off everytime you want a sip whilst out and about! Why didn't someone invent one of these sooner?! They're really clever.

They come in two sizes, regular ( which is the one I received ) which fits all my jars, or a wide neck one. They also do a Bento style attachment gadget, which I'll get into in a little while.

When I saw them on the Uberstar website, I thought the Cuppow would be a soft flexible silicone, but to my suprise, it's a hard plastic ( The products utilise BPA and phthalate free food-grade recycled plastic) which I think is better really as there's less chance of it leaking everywhere as it's completely solid when traveling and rushing around, like I do.

The thing I also love about them is that you can use them with a straw, which again is a massive bonus if you have little ones!

No more messy faces in our house- I can't tell you how much it's been bugging Pauly! Are you a fan of Cuppow? If you're not, and want to try one, you can buy them here direct from Uberstar starting at £7.99.They also do a Bento style one which allows you to take salad in the jar, and dip or dressing in the top in a little secure pot - but .... they're out of stock *sad face*


  1. I saw these on your Instagram too .... Thank you for sharing - my husband would also love these - no more beard mess .

  2. I've been looking for something like this for my 3 yr old son, he is a spiller, and it can stain things due to the veggies and fruit things. I'm hoping that you're going to post some smoothie and juice recipes too! x


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