One for the co sleepers.

It's. 6:04 am .

Opeie woke up around 6-9 times last night. I didn't get to bed until 10:56, and yeah it's a reasonable bed time - but with that amount of wakes & feeds you know your not getting a deep, relaxing recharge. 

Yesterday while I was working at Seth's school I was talking to a teacher who i admire - i really find him an interesting person , we were talking about various things and I mentioned my strong belief in Attachment theories , and nurture . He agreed and said that you can tell the children who've  been left to cry as babies, not been picked up or had much attachment in their early years.  This I completely agree with . 

He gave me a book to read called 'The well balanced child' - which I will report back on. 

I moan and speak to friends about how co sleeping is tough , I tell my patients at work that my son at 2 yrs old doesn't sleep through the night , and I feel drained I won't lie . I believe in co sleeping , and breastfeeding , i know its the right thing to do for babies , we all get tired from it, I remember my friend Aida saying how hard co sleeping is when i leaned on her for advice and her advice was , " it will get easier , it will pass" amongst other brilliant,funny,witty advice. It's a hard job . But .....

( sadly ) it's not forever . 

The reason I say sadly is because , our children are only small for a tiny amount of our lives .... Before we know it they will be all grown up , and won't 'need' us like this anymore . So, it's ok to complain your tired - being a parent is exhausting , but try to embrace it ..... 

.... I'm learning to enjoy being woken every hour or more . 

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