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Since we got engaged .  Since we met , I've been beavering away inside my mind , planning, thinking , organising and dreaming up our wedding .

Last year whilst on holiday , Pauly proposed ( read all about the proposal here on his blog ) which was amazing . I'll be honest - at the time I was completely overwhelmed with ideas and excitement.

The big day :

It's now less than a year and a half away. 

We know where we want to get married , well, the area , but haven't visited any venues . We've discussed rings , flowers, music and other details , like the time of day we think we should get married etc .

I am wedding crazy - I have the biggest collection of wedding movies , and love everything to do with them . 

When it comes to the dress and catering / food etc I am totally stumped. I have no idea what I'd like for my wedding gown , or where's best to go eat . We aren't getting married anywhere near to home so that makes it trickier and google has become my new best wedding aid .

Since switching to a vegan - soy , way of life I've never felt happier . I'm full of energy, and don't have any of the health problems I used to deal with - thank goodness . I've already lost 2 stone 3lvs since getting engaged, and I knew I was never going to be a ' tiny' bride but I'm still working on undoing the c-section (x2) damage . - flabby belly apron thing. 

The one thing I do know though is I want fabulous food & a great time ! But how do you do this when you're the only full vegan ? Seth and Opeie don't like meat too much but I don't call them vegan as I believe they can decide themselves as they grow . I don't want to feel sluggish, bloated or spaced out on our big day, I'd like plenty of energy to party the night away . 

So I'm thinking the catering side of things may be tough ? My husband to be enjoys organic , free range meat every so often , and my parents do too . Maybe we should try and accommodate everyone ? Or maybe just go all vegan ? 

What did you do for your big day ? 


  1. I really cant wait to be your husband. I'm getting very very excited and I was so lucky to meet you when i did. We could have findus crispy pancakes for our wedding food and it wouldn't bother me because its all about being in love with you xxx

  2. Hey,
    I've just found your blog today and I'm loving it! Massive congratulations on the weight loss!! I got married in May after an awesome 18 months of planning. I'm in a similar situation to you and was the only full vegan at my wedding. Some hotel type venues in North Yorkshire (where we got married and where I'm from) were really lovely and got their meat from organic local farms but my husband wasn't keen on any of them, so we ended up hiring out a village hall and booking everything separately- internal marquee, chair and table bows and covers etc. and also chose our own caterer who was lovely and got her meat from the place my parents get meat (local organic farm)but in the end we actually used meat from my aunt's lambs as she has a small-holding and we know they're happy. I still don't advocate meat, obviously, but we had the lamb option or a really lovely vegan option (butternut squash and mushroom strudel) from the caterer. I made my own wedding cake but had it iced by a professional, at my parents' insistence. We bought in all the booze ourselves so spent some time trying different vegan wines from supermarkets and morrisons cellar came up trumps- the vegan ones are marked as such on the website and we got some really good ones for a good price.
    You could make it all vegan- I was tempted to and a lot of my friends and family chose the vegan option as a Jen-support thing, but you'd need to get a really good caterer to make sure people didn't leave saying "I would have preferred chicken" and mark you down from being the best wedding ever!
    Ooooh looking forward to reading more of your plans :)

  3. Hello!!!

    Thank you for the kind comments , so lovely of you !!

    Congratulations on getting married ... Eeee how exciting for you ! I do love wedding talk !

    Your food plans sound lovely , very nice you catered for everyone !

    I'll update the blog in a few weeks about wedding plans etc .

    Right now I'm just trying to work on getting in shape ! Don't want to regret being flabby !!

    Thanks for the comment , I'm off to check out your blog now!!


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