A weekend of pictures. !

This weekend was the celebration of my good friends wedding , congratulations Vikki & Gareth! 

Well the food was lovely , the bride is a baker & had baked vegan cupcakes especially for us to go with the wedding cake & one teir was a beetroot cake with vegan chocolate , so yummy!!! 

The main meal was a buffet with salads , curries, rices & potato wedges for the veggies / vegans ( and THE best apple sauce ! - I stole some as it was next to the non vegan meat ) 

Yesterday after the excitement of the wedding we decided to pop out and enjoy some autumn sun... 

I'm going to have to invest in the above. Bags & bags of fruit ! 

Happy vegan week in the kitchen I forecast !


  1. Olga sweet apple1 October 2013 at 13:06

    I love apples, not just the taste bug how pretty they look hanging from the trees . They are beautiful natural decorations that greet us every autumn with nourishment and health benefits :) keep picking .


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