What does being vegan mean to you ? A quick post before I head out to a Autumn Wedding :-)

What does being vegan mean to you ? 

People are forever asking me why I chose to turn vegan , and I always wonder the same about other people I meet . I believe there to be many different types of vegans, what type are you ? 

For me , being vegan means , not having meat as I really hate the texture, taste, way it's produced, and general sinking feeling knowing an animal died to satisfy an appetite. I stopped eating meat/fish when I was 4. When I was pregnant with Opeie I didn't eat for almost 8 months solid being on drips constantly - fed through those . Read more about it here. 

When opeie was born I was determined to breast feed despite being very poorly . 
Opeie was an unsettled baby at the beginning , crying in the evenings And everyone put it down to colic . When I eliminated dairy , then soya , then eggs he was like a brand new baby- never cried really . But didn't sleep too well , when he was about 2 we decided to cut out gluten too- and he's been abit better at sleeping . I'm still breast feeding , and so it means I'm vegan minus soya and gluten.

For me , being vegan is about having a healthy life . You could be " vegan" and live on sandwiches & crisps forever , technically . But I really make the food choices I have , carefully thought out choices. 

I'd never go back to soya, since working in the job I do , I've learnt a lot about chemicals, and for example - the daily intake of a baby on Soya formula is the estrogen equivalent of 7 or 8 contraceptive pills- every day - think of what that does to a baby! It is a mucus feeder - so if you have a cold it's feeding it , and many other issues- it's not a good choice ! 

Being vegan also means lots of healthy enzymes into my body , juicing , raw foods I make, raw chocolate , all of these are yummy and so good for your body as it rebuilds itself everyday . 

It means so much more- which I will write about , but right now it's time for me to get to the hair dressers for my wedding hair to be done ! Exciting ! 

So what does being vegan mean to you ? 


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