Vegan protein & weight loss / building muscle / body " building"

Firstly, I'm not " body building " in the sense that you might think as bodybuilding , I'm trying to rebuild my body,  and gain muscle mass to give me the muscle I lost during illness, to provide me with optimum strength and help my endurance in the gym . 

This week I've been training with the fun yet hard Harvey , gosh he works you good! Gareth is a softie in comparison , but both of them know exactly what they are doing when it comes to personal training, especially when it comes to nutrition. 

( my food - it's not always really protein rich which is a problem - I need to have 2 -3 times the normal amount at the moment ) 

Gareth's been banging on at me for weeks, I know I need to up my protein, but being vegan minus soya makes it tricky , even though I dislike the soya bean these days after researching it, so id never use soya - but that's personal preference . 

So, after a chat with Harvey yesterday , I thought I'd follow his advice and invest in some more protein powder. I like sun warrior , but it's expensive. Especially when you get through a bag a week or two ! 

I was just wondering what protein powder you guys have? 

I'm starting on the reflex one, I will report back to let you know what it's like , it has mixed reviews ! 

Also, what are your tips on getting 100-150g of protein into a vegan diet minus soya on a daily basis ? Tricky one! 


  1. I just left your details on matroyoshka vegan blog - she's trying to be more healthy ! Can you write a blog following the weight loss one please ? I'm drinking enough now!

    Thanks for the email too, great advice . I've lost 5 lbs in 4 days .

    1. That's so sweet of you to recommend me, thanks! I will write an update yeah ! Watch this space !

  2. Hi I left you a message the other day asking for another blogpost post weight loss . Do you think you'd be able to write about maintaining it ?

    1. Yes I sure can ! What are you needing to know ? :)


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