Foraging in Autumn - Shropshire Apples & Blackberries

We've been picking a harvest of 3 different types of apples from our local wood, to prepare into bakes, canned, bottled goods for over the winter - very Littlr House on The Praire style. 

Pauly has also been blackberry picking like a trooper , he presented me with two punnets the other evening - so they will taste amazing together no doubt . 

I'm wondering what I could make which is savoury at the moment for the freezer , if anyone has any ideas that'd be great ! 

Being healthy and vegan can be costly as vegetables fruit and other cooking ingredients are so expensive , compared with cheap ready meals and salty sugary smacks , by 'foraging' free food you help cut down the cost of eating well as only the good stuff grows in the wild . 

My tips for foraging would be to keep your eyes peeled, everywhere ! We've found around 4 different spots lately for picking apples which Is great , as they're only around the corner. 

Keep a bag in the boot all the time as you never know what your going to find 

Speak to people in your neighbourhood - picking free food growing wild was a nessesity

Wear trousers to your ankles- Pauly got stung loads in shorts

Ask your local National Trust if they run a foraging school - they teach you how to look. 

If you see a big apple tree in someone's garden , politely ask if they use the apples, I was a street or two away from home , and saw someone had a orchard in a almost derelict house - apples in abundance but a lot had fallen on the floor , we were told to help ourselves - really great apples too ! 

Take a stick to knock the tree with ( try not to hit the apples though) or be prepared to climb !

Have you any foraging tips or apple recipes ? I'd love to hear them ! 

Happy Autumn - it's the best time of year !


  1. APPLES! I'm a New Englander but I've been living in eastern NC for almost 4 years and you can't go apple picking around here and it's driving me nuts. I just want like 20 pounds of apples. Is that too much to ask for?

    1. Aw! I can't imagine - that must stuck ! If I could I'd send you 20lbs as we've been picking non stop !
      We've picked everyday this last week , really exciting - but it must be annoying for you !

      I want to go to New England SO bad ! It looks beautiful and the trees , oh the trees !!!! X

  2. In Sweden we have mountains of apples trees , it's the greatest thing in autumn . Have a great time !

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