Vegan MoFo 2013 - Baked Stuffed Apples with dairy soya egg free Vanilla Pod Custard

Hello! I'm going to be doing Vegan MoFo ( Month of Food ) this month ! 

It's suddenly turned cold over the last three days , sunny with a slight nip! Last night Pauly my sweet toothed fiancée was after something to satisfy him after a Sunday Roast lunch and while he was reading The Gruffalo to Opeie I decided to whip up some baked apples & vanilla pod custard with the apples I'd bought from Attingham Park the day before . 

Per heat the oven to the highest setting . 
1 or 2 apples per person 
3 table spoons your favourite fruit &nut mix, I used Tescos Luxury fruit mix , ground almonds , sliced almonds and Brazil nuts that I bashed up in a bag . ( all nuts 
1 table spoon cinnamon per apple ( you could add all spice if you have it)
Pinch of salt
1/2 table spoon coconut sugar or unrefined cane sugar per apple

Get a zip lock bag put nuts, fruit , spice, Sugar & salt and shake it around to combine . 

Scoop out the centres of the apples and stuff the centres with the fruit mixI normally put them in a le cruset type dish and spoon the extra around the base . 

Pop in the oven for 25 mins on a medium shelf, but 5 mins before they finish move to the top shelf to brown them! 

Custard :

1 pint almond milk
1 vanilla pod ( I buy mine from eBay 50 pods for around £12) 
2 tablespoons good old Birds custard powder. 
2 or 3 table spoons raw sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract. 

Mix the Birds Custard Powder & 1 tbsp of sugar together with 3 tbsp milk to a paste . 

Put the milk in a pan wait for milk to get Luke warm and add the paste , then whisk for a while and slowly add everything else . Keep whisking by hand until thick ! 

It's such a lovely treat and not that bad for you ! If you don't want the sugar leave it out of the apples , and have Coyo instead of custard for a healthier option ! 

If your feeling extra cold try a cup of roobios tea! Lovely !



  1. I love baked apples - they remind me of my mum! When we were kids she would stuff them with dates, cinnamon, butter and brown sugar...they were to die for!

    Yours look delicious, you can't go wrong with a bit of custard on the side either :)

    1. You can't go wrong with a baked apple it two ( or three !?) ha! I'm going to play around with stuffing ideas & see what happens :)

      Thanks for reading ! Xxx

  2. Ooh I haven't had baked apples for ages and I love them! Another thing I love is the way you jazz up the good old Bird's custard powder!

    1. I am a vanilla addict :)

      You should try it, it's delicious . Baked apples are fool proof aren't they ? Unless you forget you've put them in like I do !!!!

      Thanks for reading ! Xx


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