My Autumnal Vegan Quick Stuffed Marrow Recipe. Vegan MoFo 2013.

If you're in a rush and just want to throw something together fast for a dinner party, or for date night stuffed marrow is the thing to do! It doesn't take too much time, 30 mins prep and then an hour or so in the oven.
You could try cous cous & roasted veg, or pasta and sauce, or some vegusto cheese, vegan 'meat' or even breadcrumbs , gluten free etc.

I've taken photos of all the steps. 
Make a filling, I simply browned my favourite veg in a wok using coconut oil, added organic chopped tomatoes, home made dehydrated tomatoes, cut the marrow all over to score it- so the marrow cooked evenly. Topped with organic chesnut mushrooms & bello tomatoes to finish, or vegusto cheese/meat and breadcrumbs.

Pop the filling in, and put in the oven on 180'c, for around 50 mins, then turn up to full heat at the end.

I've made these lots over the last few weeks, all our non-vegan guests have loved them too!

( Vegusto cheese & 'meat' works well on this! )


  1. That looks real good , shame you can't freeze narrows!

    Would be good with some paprika. . .

    Have you tried it with pumpkin ??


  2. Gelato lover 20131 October 2013 at 13:03

    I've never tried marrow, is it like gian cucumber in taste ?


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